Lotus Twin Cam

Our heritage with the Lotus-Ford Twin Cam spans more than 30 years.

During that time we have established quite a name for ourselves, with a string of championship winning engines granting us a reputation as one of the best Lotus Twin Cam workshops in the world. We are now the leading supplier of kits and components for tuning this enduring engine with a range that includes everything you would expect like cams, pistons, etc as well as a few things that you might not, like complete fuel injection and electronic ignition packages or even a brand new, machined cylinder head casting for which we are not just the only company with the licence to officially reproduce it but also the only company with the original Lotus tooling needed to re-produce it accurately.

More information on many of our components can be found in the links below. Alternatively, you can head straight to our Lotus Twin Cam components shop. If there’s anything you can’t find, it may still be something we stock or something we can source for you, feel free to contact us.