The cam profiles we have developed for this engine are suitable for a range of predetermined applications, ie fast road, hill climb, race, etc. All QED shafts are available on new OE specification blanks but as a more cost effective option the Q42H, Q38H, and Q420 profiles can be produced as re-profiles on customers own shafts.

Q42H The mildest camshaft in our range; quite able to be fitted to standard engines without the need for further mechanical modifications. When used with a suitably modded ECU this cam helps produce 185 bhp. Also an easily fitted cam to use with carburrated engines, producing 190+ bhp.

Q38H A more vigorous hydraulic profile not liked by Motronic ECU’s, but if fuelled correctly, with a standard induction system can produce c200 bhp. With carbs or throttle bodies 210+bhp is easily achieved. Possible to fit without piston mods, but this is not recommended and pistons with deeper valve pockets should be used for optimum cam timing.

Q420* The cam to use in carburrated engines for fast road use and club level motor sport. Can be fitted without valve spring modifications, but pistons with deeper valve pockets are required to fit at optimum cam timing. A well built engine gives 175 ft/lb torque with 220+ bhp. A non hydraulic profile.

Q450* Our most popular cam now used successfully in practically every field of motor sport as well as in many fast road cars. This cam gives a comfortable 225 bhp on a lightly modified carburrated engine, but is capable of up to 250 bhp from a no-compromise fuel injection unit. This is a non-hydraulic profile that requires a change of pistons as well as improved springs.

* These are mechanical cams which require mechanical cam followers