The XE engine has great motorsport potential once the standard induction package is replaced. Please note that the alternative induction systems presented below may or may not be legally allowed by the governing body of your particular motorsport. Please check your regulations.

Weber DCOEs After an interruption in production, Weber DCOE carbs are once again available. Side draught carbs not only provide a simple, mechanical means of metering fuel into the engine but they are also required by the regulations of several motorsport disciplines.

DCOE type throttle bodies These throttle bodies are suitable as a replacement for DCOEs, and fit the same inlet manifold. Improved gas flow at high rpm gives all the benefits of fitting carbs but with fuel injection the fuelling at mid range rpm is more precisely controlled. The result is an engine which may not produce any more power but which has a far wider power band and is thus far more drivable.

QED Direct to head throttle bodies The next logical step in throttle body evolution. These purpose designed, tapered throttle bodies do away with the need for an inlet manifold by bolting direct to the cylinder head. As well as allowing for more direct gas flow this system is obviously lighter. Versions are available for either single or double injectors.