Steel oil pump inner gear The standard gears, which are mass-produced in a sintered material, have been seen to fatigue and eventually break up when subjected to the greater speed and vibration encountered in a race engine. Our gears, which are formed by spark erosion from heat-treated carbon steel, are a sensible precaution even for a lightly modified K series engine if it will be used aggressively. For a race engine they are an essential. These gears are available in 10.5mm and 11.5mm (for newer or turbo engines) thicknesses.

Dry Sump System The K series engine is found in a wide range of vehicles and so our dry sump system has been developed to be adaptable for almost any installation. We supply the system as a kit, including:

  • Our three stage pump
  • Compact design fits close to the engine (essential for the Lotus Elise)
  • Twin scavenge stages – creates sump vacuum very effectively
  • Single pressure stage – a race worthy replacement for the standard pump
  • Multiple choice of port position – enabling use in a wide range of installations
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve – for different levels of engine tune and application
  • Sump pan and baffle – our cast dry sump pan, fitted with an efficient windage plate, can be adapted for any application and is particularly suited for the Lotus Elise. A further sump pan especially for Sevens, single seaters, etc is also in development.
  • … and of course, hoses, mounting brackets, etc

Lotus Elise

To go with our Dry Sump kit we now also have tanks, specific for fitment to the Lotus Elise.