EN19 Crankshafts

Our engines are most commonly used for motorsport at club level. This sometimes causes a few contradictions and crankshafts for the twincam are one example.

For motorsport applications an engine will need to run at speeds beyond the limits of the standard crank. Inevitably this means a steel crank for greater strength and reduced weight. However a steel crank, most commonly available in EN40B material, is a very expensive proposition, especially for the club level competitor.

Commonly the solution was to use cranks produced from EN19 which is still strong enough, and light enough, to allow for engine speeds more appropriate to competition use but which provides a more affordable option for the dedicated clubman.

In spite of this obvious but niche demand the availability of EN19 crankshafts has deteriated in recent years as established suppliers considered them ‘no longer viable’. Ultimately this situation meant that we could not offer the full range of engines that we have always taken pride in, and so we took it upon ourselves to source and finance a new supply of EN19 crankshafts.

In response to demand from both public and trade customers we can now supply new EN19 crankshafts with 72.75mm stroke (standard 1558cc twincam) or 77.6 mm stroke (1600cc Xflow). In either case cranks can be supplied for a 6 bolt double dowelled, or twelve bolt, flywheel. A 4 bolt, rope seal version is also available for competitors racing under FIA regulations.

Crankshafts are now available from stock, exclusively from QED MotorSport.