Engine Management

A modified engine will have different requirements, in terms of fuel and ignition timing, to a standard engine. The only sensible approach to this problem is to fit an aftermarket management system that can be reprogrammed according to the needs of an individual engine.

The management package that we use is from DTAfast and represents a good balance between being simple to use but also versatile enough to cope with race engines. The existing 58-tooth trigger disk, mounted on the standard crankshaft, can be used with the original crank speed sensor as a convenient means of measuring engine speed. As a way to determine engine load, throttle position is usually also measured. This gives what is commonly called 3D mapping (varying with speed and load).

The DTA systems also take inputs from air and coolant temperature to assist with hot/cold running and can be fitted with a pressure sensor to accomodate changes in altitude or pressurised engines.

Dedicated outputs for controlling a fuel pump, a shift light and driving a tacho are all included as well as an additional user defined output.

Where racing regulations allow the DTA system can also give full power gear shifts and startline launch control.

See the Engine Management category for the various components we supply.