Engine Management

DTAfast Competition engine management systems

Our involvement with DTA management systems goes back many years and when building a motorsport engine we wouldn’t think of using any other system. The DTA ECU represents the state of the art in engine management systems. Full 3d mapping of both fuel and ignition, two stage rev limiter, shift light output, fuel pump control, transient fuel compensation (acceleration boost), closed loop fuel mapping, and a three minute data log are amongst (but not all of) the features available. Despite the wide capabilities of the DTA ECU the control software is straightforward and simple to use. All of the settings are explained in the comprehensive manual supplied with the software. For motorsport engines (and especially for engines that will develop with each racing season as part of an ongoing project) the DTA system is without doubt the management system of choice. The DTA systems are capable of using a wide range of sensors including the majority of those fitted to the K series engines as standard and these systems are also provided with a competition standard engine bay wiring loom.

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