Throttle Bodies

Throttle bodies have become a familiar sight on motorsport engines as a means of achieving unrestricted airflow and of delivering fuel more accurately than carbs. We currently offer two types of throttle body induction system.

DCOE flanged Throttle Bodies These throttle bodies were originally designed to make upgrading from Weber DCOE carbs easier, since they will fit onto any manifold for DCOEs.

It is rare to find an Ecotec that is using carbs (why take a step backwards) but the DCOE style bodies are still a very good induction system. This is especially true for fitment where the induction system needs to run parallel to the top of the engine.

For an Ecotec 45mm bore is ideal but DCOE bodies are also available in a 48mm bore size on request.

To maximise the effect of these throttle bodies (or carbs) we can supply a QED custom designed inlet manifold. Our inlet manifold is a fine balance between optimised gas flow, air/fuel mixing, and of course having just the right angle of approach to the inlet valves.

Direct to head throttle bodies are a concept that dates back to our work with the earlier Vauxhall/Opel engines and we exclusively offer the same benefits for the Ecotec.

This design requires no inlet manifold and as the name suggests the throttle bodies bolt directly to the cylinder head. The result is throttle bodies that are easier to fit and lighter than any other system available today.

Available with a 45mm parallel bore to the butterfly and a taper up to the inlet port. Versions are available to take single or double injectors and an integral air bleed screw makes idle speed easier to control.

There are obviously many other designs of throttle body. However we have carried out extensive dyno testing to arrive at the best possible solution combining simplicity and effectiveness in a compact, affordable, and lightweight package.