Our range of camshafts includes both original Lotus components as well as our own range of performance profiles developed to suit a range of motorsport applications.

Q360 A fast opening cam with standard lift. In many ways this can be thought of as a modern version of the sprint cam and is excellent choice for a fast road engine. Typically the Q360 gives 135-140 BHP at 6500RPM.

Q420 A high lift cam with fairly short period and fast rise. The Q420 gives excellent torque figures at low RPM, and yet still produces 145-150 BHP at 6500RPM.

Q440 A moderately high lift race profile, easy on the valve gear. Gives c180BHP with a power band from 5000 to 8000 RPM. Europa Inlet A variety of profiles are available, dependant on application. All profiles are provided on new steel blanks. Sprint / SE These are genuine Lotus components.

Q450 A very torquey race profile, combining high lift with a relatively short period. This is probably our most popular cam profile and gives in excess of 160BHP below 7000RPM.