Fuel Injection

For a completely electronically managed engine we offer the DTA full engine management package.

This system offers 3D control of ignition and fuel responding to both engine speed and throttle position. This level of engine management is normally applied only to race engines and so our standard package includes a lightweight flywheel with triggering teeth as a means for the ECU to detect engine speed.

The ignition system includes a twin coil for distributorless wasted spark ignition. This delivers much greater spark energy and replaces potential points of mechanical failure in the original system.

The throttle bodies supplied are a simple fitment since they same flange arrangement as DCOE carbs. Alternatively this system is also available with throttle bodies suitable for the Stromberg cylinder head.

As well as it’s primary functions of controlling fuel and ignition timing the ECU also has outputs for a tacho drive, fuel pump relay, and auxilliary relay (typically used to control an engine bay fan). The package comes complete with an engine bay wiring loom which also includes a gearshift warning light.

These packages are supplied pre-programmed but also include software and a manual allowing complete access to all ECU settings.