Many of the cam profiles we provide either benefit from or in some cases require, a piston which gives deeper valve pockets and yet also raises the compression ratio. We offer a range of suitable forged pistons.

Flat top Our flat top piston, as the name suggests, has no bowl in it. This means that in spite of having race sized valve pockets the piston still achieves a compression ratio of 11.0 to 1 (based on standard chamber sizes etc). Due to the deeper valve pockets and raised compression ratio, these piston are particularly recommended for engines fitted with our Q38H or Q420 cams.

Race This is a high intruder competition piston. It has large valve pockets allowing the use of oversize valves with high lift cams but still typically gives a compression ratio of 11.6 to 1. With the high compression ratio and deeper valve pockets, these pistons are particularly recommended for engines using our Q450 cams.

Slipper These are the ultimate piston for applications with high engine speed. The wasted skirt on these race pistons makes them significantly lighter, weighing just 330 grams (standard pistons weigh approx 460 grams). These are race-only items and use longer, small pin, lightweight rods.