Engine Management

The standard engine management system is very good for controlling emissions and giving good fuel economy however as soon as an engine is modified the standard settings are no longer of any use. For very light modifications the standard system can be ‘chipped’ but even then it is seldom ideal.

For a fuel-injected engine our preferred engine management system is from DTA. The controlling inputs are crank speed and throttle position, making both ignition timing and fuelling sensitive to engine speed and load (this is often referred to as 3D mapping). The systems also compensate for air and water temperature to improve cold start and warm up conditions. To make precise engine mapping easier the DTA systems also have the facility to use an exhaust gas oxygen sensor (commonly called a Lambda sensor).

When we supply a DTA system as part of a kit then we have to exercise caution with the engine maps. The ECU will therefore have slightly rich fuelling and slightly retarded ignition. In general the more highly tuned an engine is the more individual its requirements will be and therefore the more important it is to have the engine specifically mapped.

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