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Rover KV6 Throttle body kit

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Suitable for: Rover KV6

Package Includes:

  • Individual throttle bodies
  • QED inlet manifolds
  • 90mm trumpets or crossover trumpets
  • Linkage kit
  • Fuel rails

For the straight and crossover kits, the trumpets sit approx. 90mm above the highest point of the cam covers (measured with a flat bar across the top of our 13mm thick cam covers). The vertical kit is approx. 125mm. Due to this, it may be necessary to modify the bonnet for clearance or lower the engine in the chassis depending on the application. However, this could be greatly reduced on the straight kit by using the shorter SFS bodies from the crossover kit and shorter trumpets.

For the straight kit, the addition of curved spacers will position the trumpets vertically, making air box fabrication much easier and allowing for longer trumpets.

Click the image below for a visual comparison of the kits:

KV6 Throttle Body Kit Comparison

NB: These kits are designed to be used with Bosch injectors, not the standard Siemens Deka injectors. The fuel rail brackets can be modified and/or spacers used but this is not something we support.

Price (each): £1,645.00 (Excl. VAT)

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