Rover K-Series Throttle Body Kit

£2,050.00 each

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Suitable for: Rover K-Series

As the Fast road / Trackday kit but supplied without camshafts.

  • QED direct to head throttle bodies (with throttle position sensor)
  • Tapered spacers to allow the re-use of existing injectors (with extended studs)
  • 40mm long aluminium air trumpets
  • DTA full engine management ECU* (with engine bay wiring loom)
  • Variable fuel pressure regulator (pre-set)
  • Fuel rail, with injector clips
  • –6 Aeroquip fittings and hose
  • Single throttle cable kit with bracket and spacers (VVC and non-VVC brackets are different, tell us which you need)

*ECU will come loaded with a base map which matches your setup as closely as possible. However, this, as with all generic maps, will still need fine tuning on a dyno.

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