Rover K-Series QED Remote Thermostat Housing


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Suitable for: Rover K-Series

Thermostat options: 75º,82º,88º

Housing hose ID: 32mm

Fitting Instructions (.pdf)

The thermostat arrangement on the standard K series engine is designed to give a rapid warm up and then to maintain a fairly high running temperature.

For an unmodified engine in a standard road car this is quite reasonable but for a race engine, where there is much more heat being generated, the standard system can lead to problems.This situation is exaggerated further still when the system incorporates a remote radiator as in, for example, the Lotus Elise.

The standard thermostat installation can give rise to a flow where the coolant is cycling through the pump and the engine but is not being directed towards the radiator. This happens as a result of the thermostat reacting to the temperature of the cooled water from the radiator rather than the heated water from the engine. Removing the original thermostat, and fitting our thermostat holder in the top hose can eliminate these effects.

Our thermostat holder is available with a range of pre-fitted thermostats to give opening temperatures more suitable for competition use.

We now also offer two diameters of T-Piece for the bypass to the header tank. In most cases the 22mm T-Piece should be fine – please measure the diameter of your header tank return hose if you are unsure.

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