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Rover K-Series Oil to water heat exchanger

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Suitable for: Rover K-Series

With the more highly tuned engines we have seen the potential for problems with engine oil overheating. Traditionally the solution to this problem would be an oil-to-air heat exchanger. For best effect this would mean mounting an additional radiator in the air flow at the front of the car but for rear engined applications like the Elise or MGF this then requires oil lines running the length of the car. Instead we offer a oil-to-water heat exchanger for a much easier installation, mounted within the engine bay.
As well as being a relatively simple fitment, the oil-to-water heat exchanger makes use of the waste heat from the oil for rapid engine warm up.
A sandwich plate is fitted to divert oil flow from the filter to a laminar flow heat exchanger. The heat exchanger itself locates neatly inline with the return hose from the radiator.

Price (each): £225.00 (Excl. VAT)

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