Vauxhall Ecotec (X20XEV) Vernier camshaft pulleys

£160.00 pair

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Suitable for: Vauxhall / Opel Ecotec (X20XEV)

May be suitable for: Z20LET / Z20LEH / Z20LER / Z20LEL

We have been informed that our X20XEV vernier pulleys are a direct swap for the standard Z20LET/H/R/L cam pulleys. As we deal with normally apirated engines and no longer run a workshop, this is not something we are able to confirm. If you are buying our X20 pulleys for a Z20 engine, please check carefully the that diameter, tooth count and tooth profile are exactly the same as the pulleys you are replacing. If they do not match, do NOT fit them and return them (in original condition) for a refund. Caveat emptor.

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