Lotus Twin Cam Steel crankshaft, standard pattern, EN19, 12B/4B4D/6BDD


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Suitable for: Lotus Twin Cam

Options (Type): 12B, 6BDD, 4B4D (FIA)

Material: Steel (EN19)

Journal width: standard

Stroke: 72.75mm

For motorsport applications an engine will need to run at speeds beyond the limits of the standard crankshaft. Inevitably this means a steel crankshaft for greater strength and reduced weight. However a steel crank, most commonly available in EN40B material, is a very expensive proposition, especially for the club level competitor.

The clubman’s solution for a high revving engine is to use a crankshaft produced from EN19 material, which is still strong enough, and light enough, to allow for engine speeds more appropriate to competition use, but which provides a more affordable option than the EN40B used in big budget racing.

In response to demand from both public and trade customers, we supply new forged EN19 crankshafts with 72.75mm stroke (1558cc Twincam) or 77.6mm stroke (1600cc X-Flow). In either case cranks can be supplied for a 6 bolt double doweled or twelve bolt flywheel. And as you would expect from a company with our motorsport heritage there is also a rope seal crankshaft for a 4 bolt, 4-dowel flywheel available to suit those competitors who race under the FIA rules regulating much of the historic motorsport we support.

Our forged EN19 steel crankshafts are the only steel crankshafts legal for FIA racing. EN40B billet crankshafts are not.

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