Rover K-Series Single plate assembly, 7 1/4” (184mm), lug drive, Helix

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Suitable for: Lotus Twin Cam, Rover K-Series

Sintered Type

The sintered setup is suitable for circuit racing, where the clutch is not excessively slipped. A single sintered plate assembly can hold up to 363ft/lbs depending on the cover spring rate. Sintered assemblies are lighter than cerametallic, the plates are less expensive to replace and the torque capacity is generally higher on a like for like basis. Not suitable for road use. Weight (with plate): 2.7kg

Cerametallic Type

The cerametallic type is suitable for just about everything. It has a less aggressive bite, can withstand higher heat loads and therefore more slipping, for example in rally or road use. A single cerametallic plate assembly can hold up to 360ft/lbs depending on the cover spring rate. Weight (with 4-paddle plate): 2.9kg

Please mention when ordering how much torque your engine is/will be outputting. By default we stock and supply the ‘Red’ assembly which has a capacity of 238ft/lbs (sintered) or 220ft/lbs (cerametallic). Plates are not included.

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