Lotus Twin Cam Con rods, forged steel, wide/narrow pin, various sizes


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Suitable for: Lotus Twin Cam

Options (Size): 4.8”, 4.826”, 4.9”, 4.926”, 5.050”
Options (Type): Wide Pin, Narrow Pin

The 4.8″ and 4.826″ rods are for use with a standard block. The 4.9″ and 4.926″ are for use with a crossflow (711m) block. Narrow pin rods are for use with our EN40B narrow pin crankshafts.

Supplied with ARP2000 bolts:

Stretch to: 0.0055-0.0060″ (recommended)

Torque to: 55 ft/lbs (ARP Ultra-Torque Lube)

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