Lotus Twin Cam Ignitor, 23D/43D

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Suitable for: Lotus Twin Cam, Lotus 907 / 910 / 911 / 912

Proven successfully over many years the Ignitor is the ideal choice for the race enthusiast, general road user or collector restoration. It fits entirely under the distributor cap, replacing the exisitng points setup, for a neat, clean look. It is unaffected by dust, dirt, oil or moisture. It improves fuel mileage, extends spark plug life and helps to eliminate minor tune ups. The ignitor is only compatible with a points style coil. Four and six cylinder engines require a coil of 3.0ohms resistance for non ballasted systems or a coil of 1.5ohms for ballasted systems. N.b. Race/ high speed or high rpm applications need a coil of 1.5ohms.


Price (each): £102.50 (Excl. VAT)

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