Lotus Twin Cam 681F ‘L’ Cylinder Block


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Now available from QED, a brand new 681F ‘L’ Block!

  • Manufactured solely in the UK
  • Available in BS1452 Grade 250 cast Iron or LM25-TF Aluminium at no extra cost.
  • Reduced water jacket to increase block stiffness and allow larger cylinder bores
  • Standard version can be bored to 87.2mm, dry sump version to 90mm.
  • Stronger crankcase area with increased wall thickness
  • Cross drilling above center main bearing removed in FVC version
  • Up to 84mm stroke with light modification
  • Siamesed cylinder bores
  • Potential for 2138cc capacity
  • Dyno and race proven reliability
  • Fully machined and bored to your requirements

Not to be confused with the current American Ford 711M Kent “tall” block or the Ford 701M ‘L’ block, this new block is designed and manufactured solely in the UK to create the ultimate race block for a Lotus Twin Cam, without losing originality.

The standard version of the block supports the standard type lubrication setup. The FVC version requires oil to be routed around the outside of the block and back in through one of the engine mount holes, as the center main drilling is a weak point at large bore sizes and is therefore not present. Both can be run in wet or dry sump configuration.

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